“Who knows you better, guides you better”

“Who knows you better, guides you better”


Unimed is one of the largest and most important Brazilian medical cooperative systems that operate as a health plan operator.


To present their new product “Unimed Personal” in the region of the urban agglomeration of Jundiaí, witch includes the cities of Cabreúva, Campo Limpo Paulista, Itupeva, Jarinu, Jundiaí, Louveira e Várzea Paulista.

The Campaign

To strengthen the relationship between doctors and patients and reduce people's "independent research" through the internet and "tips from friends", we launched the campaign "Who knows you better, guides you better".

We all have that friend who knows what you need and can give you advice at the right time, this is Unimed Personal, a doctor who really knows you.

The campaign included Film, Hot Site, Print, Newsletter, Posters, Out of Home, Sales materials, among others